Marsaxlokk There is a fishing village that you should visit if you like to fishing or you like to enjoy a dish that made from sea ingredients. This village is located in the South Eastern Region of Malta. There are a lot of people who work as a fisher in this village. That is why this village is called as fishing village. Marsaxlokk is come from two syllables, marsa that means by port and xlokk which is the local name for south east. There is a popular market that located in this city. Marsaxlokk Market is a large market that can take places around the whole village on Sundays. This market also become an attraction for all tourist during weekend and also weekdays. Beside the market, there are a lot of places that you can visit in this city. And you will never regret your decision to visit this city for your holiday.

Island Of Gozo

Island Of Gozo The biggest island in Maltese archipelago is Island Of Gozo. Compared to another island around Gozo, Island Of Gozo is more rural and also known for its scenic hills. Island Of Gozo already associated with Ogygia. There is a story about Calypso who fall in love with Odysseus. It is known that Calypso is being captived for a number of years until he is released and continue his hourney home. This story is already heard by all people who live here for a long time ago. The Island Of Gozo has a population around 37.000 and called as Gozitan. In Island Of Gozo there is a historical temples that already being used as religious activities. And the temples already become the world’s oldest religious structures in this Island. There also a lot of churches in this island. Each churches can be capable for almost 3.000 people who want to pray inside the churches.

Birgu Malta

Birgu Malta An old forfited city that still exist until now is Birgu Malta. Birgu Malta is located in the south side of Grand Harbour in the South Eastern Region of Malta. There are a lot of tourist attraction that people can find if they visit this city. People don’t need to be worry if the will feel like there is nothing that they can see in this city. People will able to see a lod architectural design that available in this city. All the buildings in the city can give people a lot of entertainment and a lot of history lesson about the city. The historic Vittoriosa Waterfront that located in this city. In this area, there are two building, the former Palace of the General of the Galleys and the Order of St John’s treasury. Now, these two buildings already being used to do another activities. The former one now become a casino while the other one become a museum. There is another museum that also located in this city. Vittoriosa 1565 Museum is located in Birgu Malta town and dedicated to the siege and the battle that happen in the town in 1565. There are also several church that people use for praying. The most popular curch in Birgu Malta is St. Lawrence’s church. There is a feast that dedicated for St. Lawrence of Rome that always celebrate on 31 July until 10 August. And this feast is known as the saint’s feast day. there are a lot of feast that always held by this city in order to dedicated them for several saints who ever come to the city and make something for Birgu Malta city. These feast make Birgu Malta become an attractive city that people would like to visit Birgu Malta during their holiday. frazier park homes for sale magento developers uk Tax refunds man and van London our website hosting guadalajara packers and movers bangalore emotional support dog penis enlargement Fit Tea review apartment locator dallas orange county web design Animes erase herpes jagermeister prices Insurance covered breast pumps szafy na wymiar Matratzen Beach Resorts in Dumaguete TV Software fotografia slubna bialystok Fit Tea Review Forbrukslån på dagen best electric lawn mower ac repair orlando fastest web hosts buy cbd oil self drive Cardiff buy facebook event attendees vending machines james bauer be irresistible folding chair health benefit of okra web designers ed miracle shake click here buy kratom miracle farm blueprint

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